From the recording The Midnight Mix

The Midnight Mix by Fernando covers underground tracks from the 2000's and can be heard on Classic House Radio 12am central time (-6 UTC) Sunday - Thursday.

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Midnight Mix 31 by Fernando

Artist – Title – Label

Nick & Danny Chatelain – Katrinyla – Hugh Recordings

Mindform – We Rock – Unknown

Mark Reeve – The Pied Piper – Tenor Recordings

Kolombo vs LouLou Players – Poussette a' chat – LouLou Records

Jochen Pash & Norm – Watching You – Tenor Recordings

Groove Korp – Funky Town – Lactik Records

Dj Luis Patty – Kick da Bass – HMSP Digital

Dj Cristiao – Drums of Love

Buday & Vic – Girl Behind

Glitter – Difference