From the recording The Midnight Mix

Midnight Mix 20 by Fernando. Listen to the Midnight Mix Sunday - Thursday 12 am central time (-6UTC) on Classic House Radio.

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Alex Dolby, Giorgio Roma - Like Tears From A Star Neutra EP Sudbeat

Spektre, Matt Cooper - Cuernos Cubanos Cuernos Cubanos Respekt

Chris Wood, Frank Leicher - Into The Jungle - Two of Three EP Recordings

Alex Neri, Fredrico - Habla Habla - Digital Audio

Chaim - Thrill You Thrill You CH Control

Wolfgang Gartner – Latin Fever Fire Power/ Latin Fever idergarten

Analog People In A Digital World – Rose Rouge Rose Rouge Hysterical

Mihai Popoviciu, Markus Homm, Jay Bliss – Bis Co Siber Weeding EP Diynamic