This Week on Classic House Radio October 7th 2018

The complete schedule for Classic House Radio  - Regular rotation of Classic House Music otherwise. 

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The Classic House Program M-F 7-9am central (music and talk) hosted by Fernando. 

The Noon Mix M-Sat 12pm central (Classic House mixes) 

Monday -  Dj Lorenzo 

Tuesday - Fernando 

Wednesday - Dj Baby O 

Thursday - Dj Magic Mike 

Friday - Dj Baby O 

Saturday - Dany Belvedere  


The 5 O’clock Mix M-F 5pm central (Classic House mixes) 

Monday -  Baby O 

Tuesday - Dj Magic Mike 

Wednesday - Dj Dave C (Chicago Cutting Crew Dj Team) 

Thursday - Fernando  

Friday - Dany Belvedere 


The 10 O’clock Mix M-Thurs 10pm central (Classic House, Underground, Deep House Mixes) 

Monday - Dj Magic Mike 

Tuesday - Dj Lorenzo 

Wednesday- Fernando 

Thursday - Dany Belvedere 


The Midnight Mix Sun-Thurs 12am central (Underground House Mixes from the 2000’s by Fernando) 


Friday and Saturday night The Order of Sound is on 10pm-2am.

4 hours of back to back Classic House mixes from resident Dj’s

Fernando, Dj Magic Mike, Dj Baby O Dany Belvedere and Dj Lorenzo.

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