This week on Classic House Radio May 19th 2019

We have plenty of great guest mixes in store for you this week on Classic House Radio to get you in the groove for the upcoming holiday weekend. Check out the roster Kenny Jammin Jason, Rudy V, Dj Juice, Gil G, Rude Minor, David Hitmix Morales, Dave C and Tito Too Hott Hernandez.

Don't forget to join us for Classic House Radio Live at Vegas Vegas 213 N Broad Street Griffith Indiana this Memorial Day weekend Saturday May 25th. 

We are bringing original Hotmix 5 member Kenny Jammin Jason along with Classic House Radio Dj's Fernando, Nasty Nick, Dj Lorenzo, JM3, plus guest Dj's Slammin Sal Santana, Danee Da Wicked 1 and Dj Juice. Tickets are just $5 on Eventbrite get them now. VIP is sold out.

Listen to Classic House Radio here.

The complete schedule for Classic House Radio below.


Classic House Program hosted by Fernando


Monday 7-9 am & Friday 7-9 am

The Noon Mix M-Sat 12pm central (Classic House mixes) 

Brought to you by  

Vegas Vegas Restaurant & Bar  

213 N Broad St  

Griffith, Indiana 46319  

Monday - Dj Lorenzo 
Tuesday - Fernando  
Wednesday - Sample Sev  
Thursday - Dj Juice (Guest Mix) 
Friday - Dj Baby O
Saturday - Dave C (Guest Mix) 

The 5 O’clock Mix M-F 5pm central (Classic House mixes)  

Brought to you by The Original  

3 Monkeys Bar  

2826 Chicago Road, South Chicago Heights Illinois  

Monday - Rudy V 
Tuesday - Gil G (Guest Mix)
Wednesday - Rude Minor (Guest Mix) 
Thursday - Nasty Nick 
Friday - Kenny Jammin Jason (Guest Mix)

The 10 O’clock Mix M-Thurs 10pm central (Classic House, Underground, Deep House Mixes)  

Monday - David Hitmix Morales (Guest Mix) 
Tuesday - Dj Lorenzo 
Wednesday- Tito Too Hott Hernandez (Guest Mix) 

Thursday - Kenny Jammin Jason (Guest Mix) - Dany Belvedere  

Therapy Sessions - Dj Anthony D and Dj Gel-O Thursday's 9pm cenral time (House Music)  

Dial Beats - Oscar G Thursday's 11pm - 12am central time (Deep House, Tech House, Soulful Vocal House)  

The Midnight Mix Sun-Thurs 12am central (Underground House Mixes from the 2000’s by Fernando)  

Friday and Saturday night The Order of Sound is on 10pm-2am. 4 hours of back to back Classic House mixes from resident Dj’s Fernando, Dj Magic Mike, Dj Baby O, Sample Sev, Dany Belvedere and Dj Lorenzo.  

JM3 Live from Chicago - Friday’s 7-10pm central time (Old School R&B, 80s-90s Chicago House, Disco)  

Regular rotation of Classic House Music 24/7 otherwise specified.  

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