This week on Classic House Radio July 26th 2020

This week on Classic House Radio we are introducing a resident Dj to our lineup. We present DJxFedo from Egypt. He will be our guest this Friday at 6am and 5pm CDT (1pm and midnight Cairo time). He will move into his regular time slot Sunday's 12pm CDT (7pm Cairo) next week August 9th. Other schedule changes this week are Al Get Hype can now be heard twice a week. Listen to him leading off the Friday night Classic House Radio Mix Show 10pm -2am CDT featuring our resident Djs Fernando, Dj Lorenzo, Dj Magic Mike, Sample Sev and Baby O. The other change to the schedule is Dj Purple can now be heard twice a week as well. Listen to him on the Saturday night Classic House Radio Mix Show 10pm - 2am CDT and on Sunday night's at 10pm CDT.

Check out DJxFedo on Soundcloud.

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The complete schedule for Classic House Radio below.


The 6am Mix  (House mixes)

Friday - DJxFedo (guest mix)

The Noon Mix M-F 12pm central (Classic House mixes)

Monday - Dj Lorenzo

Tuesday - Fernando

Wednesday - Dany Belvedere

Thursday - Dj Magic Mike - Presented by Atturo tires

Friday - Baby O

Saturday - Al Get Hype

Sunday - DJxFedo

The 5 O’clock Mix M-F 5pm central (Classic House mixes)

Monday - Baby O

Tuesday - Dj Magic Mike

Wednesday - Dj Lorenzo

Thursday - Fernando

Friday - DJxFedo (guest mix)

The 10 O’clock Mix M-Thurs 10pm central (Classic House, Underground, Deep House Mixes)

Sunday - Dj Purple

Monday - Dj Magic Mike - Presented by Atturo tires

Tuesday - Dj Lorenzo

Wednesday - Fernando

Thursday - Dany Belvedere

Dj Overkill - Friday 6-7pm (Classic House)

JM3 Live from Chicago - Dj JM3 - Fridays 7-10pm (Nu Disco, Classic House, Club Classics)

The Magic Hour - Dj Magic Mike shares his favorite tunes Saturday 1-2pm

New School House Sessions - Bounce House Entertainment Djs Sunday 3-6pm

Friday and Saturday night The Classic House Radio Mix Show is on 10pm-2am. 4 hours of back to back Classic House mixes from resident Dj’s Fernando, Dj Magic Mike, Dj Baby O, Dany Belvedere, Sample SevFonz Stabolito, Al Get Hype, Gil G and Dj Lorenzo.

Regular rotation of Classic House Music 24/7 otherwise specified.

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