Classic House Radio is looking for radio programs

Classic House Radio is now accepting radio program demo submissions. We are looking for radio programs with content related to Classic House Music 1982-1998. 

This is the perfect opportunity for people who are currently producing a podcast to develop your content and attract more listeners. Classic House Radio promoting your podcast and you promoting your podcast on Classic House Radio is a great way to enhance SEO. Classic House Chicago will create a web page for your program here with links back to your web pages and social media. Classic House Radio will run promos for your program throughout the day, create web and social media post pointing back to your web links. 

For those looking to create a new program, Classic House Radio is available to provide assistance. We can help with recording techniques, content, guest Dj's, software and gear selection.  

Classic House Chicago wants every program on Classic House Radio to be successful and we are committed to that end. 


Please read how to submit a radio show demo and the program requirements below before submitting content. 

How to submit a demo 

  • For those with an existing podcast simply use the contact page and message "Radio Demo" followed by the web address to your podcast page. 
  • For those with a new program use the contact page and message "Radio Demo" followed by the download link to your demo (DropBox, Google Drive, OneNote).

Program requirements 

  1. All radio programs must be at least 55 - 57 minutes long. Multi hour programs are available but need to follow the 55-57 minute format. 
  2. All radio programs must contain radio imaging that state the name of the program and what it is about. Example - "The Order of Sound Radio Program" - "Classic Chicago House Music Mixes" or "Detroit World" - "The best of Detroit Techno Music". This type of radio imaging needs to appear at least 2 times per hour. That means once at the beginning and again somewhere around the 30 minute mark. 
  3. All radio programs must be weekly shows. We require 3 shows up front to start. This gives us and you a bit of flexibility in the event you are unable to provide content at any time. Things happen this really keeps this all easy going. 
  4. All radio program must have a track listing of all songs played for our licensing obligations. Artist and title is all we need. 
  5.  All radio programs must have a monologue of some sort in the beginning of the program and have radio imaging at the absolute end that states the name of the program. 
  6. Music requirements are as follows but Classic House Radio reserves the right to make exceptions on a case by case basis. In no particular order this is the type of music we would like radio programs to feature. Chicago House 1984-1998, Detroit Techno 1987-1994, Chicago-LA Hard House 1996-1998, Acid House 1988-1990, New York House-Club 1984-1998, Nu Wave 1982-1985, Hip House 1988-1994, Italo 1982-1985, Amsterdam-Rotterdam Techno 1989-1994, U.K House 1987-1998. 
  7. Radio programs can be anything ranging from an announcer talking about their experiences relating to house music and playing songs to an announcer doing a monologue then playing a mix or an announcer doing a monologue then playing several mixes and talking between the mixes.   
  8. Radio program need to be uploaded to our servers in 128kbps mp3 file formant. Log in credentials and instructions will be provided.  

Any questions please comment below.  

Classic House Chicago thanks you in advance for your demo and we hope to be able to work with you on preserving this legacy that is OUR HOUSE MUSIC. 

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