Classic House Radio one of the largest all dance music online radio stations in the world. We have over 60,000 social media followers and over 100,000 listeners worldwide. Classic House Radio reachers over 2,000,000 people a year. 

Classic House Radio events are inclusive. We attract a diverse crowd that reflects the population make up of the Chicago area. Our events are peaceful, welcoming and safe. We are proud to say that we’ve had zero security issues at any of our events. We put on a great show. Our events are well organized. We have a professional staff that includes door personnel, photographers, a sound engineer and stage manager. We have some of the best lighting and sound equipment in the Chicago area. Classic House Radio events are immersive and well managed. Our crowds leave at the end of the night having had a memorable and great time.

Classic House Radio produces some of the best event promotional material in the Chicago area. Our marketing research is among the finest of detail. We bring people from across Chicgaland to our events. Bringing new people to venues is our specialty.  Our advertising demographics deliver consistent results. Advertising is our strength and is the key to our successful growth.

Classic House Radio event hosting is reasonably priced and an excellent value. Our pricing and show type is based on the number people you as a venue owner would like to attract.

See stage plot/tech rider for pricing.


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