Dj Chill X Guest Mix August 22nd 2018

We have an incredible guest mix from Dj Chill X lined up for this week. Please join us for the Classic House Radio 5 O'Clock Mix Wednesday August 22, 2018.

This is one Dj you must get to know if you don't know already. Check out his bio below. Dj Chill X is the real deal and we are exited to announce that we have a couple of mixes from him. Stay tuned.

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When you think of House Music and keeping House Music alive and thriving, you must think of the contributions of DJ Chill X. DJ Chill X found his way onto the House Music scene though tapes and cd’s. His House Music and club classic cd’s dominated the inner streets throughout NY, NJ, and Chicago eventually expanding throughout the U.S. and even gained popularity overseas. With over one million cds’and downloads worldwide, DJ Chill X sold more cd’s independently than most signed platinum selling artist. DJ Chill X has gained further notoriety worldwide with the emergence of YouTube where collectively he has surpassed over a million views and continues to grown in popularity.

Born in Newark, NJ DJ Chill X developed a good ear for quality music at an early age of 8 from his older brothers and began honing his DJ skills listening to Frankie Knuckles, Tony Humphrey, and Larry Levan. DJ Chill X got his first break interning at 96.5 WYBC in New Haven, Connecticut. He soon got a regular slot every night 11 - 2 on 88.7 WNHU know back then as (DJ Chilly Chill). Using his platform on WNHU he became widely known for bringing house music to Connecticut in the 80s and became the first DJ to play house music in the State of Connecticut. 

DJ Chill X has toured internationally and has made thousands of appearances in the United States and has performed with many House Music legends such as Marshall Jefferson, Steve Silk Hurley, Ten City, Byron Stingily, Crystal Waters, Colonel Abrams, Alyus, CeCe Peniston, Kenny Bobien, CeCe Rogers, Ruben Toro, Viola Sykes, Fonda Rae, Kimora Lovelace, Terisa Griffin, Louie Vega and many more. 

DJ Chill X has produced for many independent artists and is currently working on producing a solo House Music album with compilation of independent artists, to be released in first quarter 2017. DJ Chill X has been featured on notable internet stations in 2015 that cater to House Music such as House Music Lives Radio, BKS1 Radio, Cyberjamz Radio, Club Classics Radio and more. DJ Chill X has appeared on TV; TLC Channel - Four Weddings, What Woman Want - Talk Show (DJ & Music Coordinator), WPIX News - Entertainment segment, B.E.T. Spring Bling ). 

DJ Chill X expanded his brand by creating a collection of House Music T-shirts and House Music items labeled the “Chill X Collection” and he has created his own continuance stream of internet music where people can listen to his mixes 24/7 “". 
Through cd’s, radio, T-shirt’s, parties DJ Chill X continues to be a leader and a voice for the House Music community and its mission of “Keeping House Music Alive” for the world and future generations. You need not look any further than your house music collection as a testament to his grind and success.

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